Mount Isolation – 4005′

One of the farthest away White Mountains 4000 feet.  14.6mi, 3600 elevation change via the Rocky Branch Trail, Isolation Trail, and Davis Path.  Some people do it as a long day-hike.  We did it as a short backpack.  The things I liked the most about this hike:

  • Weather was great, the views at the top where even greater.  There was a lot of wind at the top, as expected, but otherwise a clear day.  No rain, snow or hail (like other times — we guess it is because Lina was not with us).
  • Our first 4k this year.  We haven’t been hiking too much.
  • Adriana’s feet has healed — at least enough to hike one of these.
  • We found an official campsite that was not documented in our maps.  And was conveniently located at the time we got tired, with an unexpected water source.

Photos on the usual place.



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