Cats Always Land on Their Feet … but only have 9 lives

The fact that you have landed 9 times on your feet doesn’t mean that you will land the 10th time on your feet. The idea of a cat landing on its feet is what I feel every time I face difficulties, yet somehow I get out of them…. or do I?

Could it be that we tend to think a problem resolved itself into a happy ending when in reality we ended up at a worse situation than the one that we would have had if we haven’t met misfortune? Could it be that as long as we get out of a situation alive (landing in our feet and still breathing) we consider it a victory? Could it be that we are more ‘survivors’ than ‘winners’?

Cats are wise creatures, I believe. Although they do land on their feet, they do not like to throw themselves into the abyss voluntarily all that often. And if you throw them into the air, they clearly indicate you their discomfort after landing safely on their feet.

Hopefully I will land on my feet… this time. But the important question is not if I will land on my feet – but if I will be able to jump higher than the original position?