Why I Do not TGIF ??

Almost everyone is doing Facebook nowadays.  High School classmates, college classmates, ex-workmates, partners, clients, friends, family (even my mom and my aunt) and a few others that I do not know how to classify.  I love the status bar in Facebook:  it lets me know the interesting things that people are doing or thinking.  I do not want to see taglines like: “TGIF (Thank God Is Friday)”. 

There are a few reasons I do not like to see such things:

  • It doesn’t give me any more information.  I know it is Friday.  My calendar says so.  I have been trusting my calendar for years, why do I need 40 people to remind me of it?
  • What is so special about Friday?  To me, it is like any other day of the week.  I play if I want to.  I work if I want to.  I can also waste it if I want to.  As a free person I choose what to do with it.  As free persons, most of the people who write TGIF have chosen to work it off (they could have taken a vacation day, taken a job that does not require them to work on fridays, or gone into their own business and declared Friday off). They should be happy they are doing exactly what they asked — or do something to change their reality.
  • Was it really that bad?  The week, I mean.  Has it been like that for months, and months.  Do you feel so much stress?  Are you overworked?  Are you so devoid of fun?  You need a life!  You need a different job — maybe one with less pay (and less purchasing ability), but one that makes you happier.  Or maybe the picture of your kids and wife on the big house, nice car, and private education makes you so proud that the week wasn’t so bad after all:  was just a small price to pay for all the blessings you have got.  

I feel happy today.  Not because it is Friday.  It could have been Monday, or Sunday.  It is sunny out there.  Spring has finally come.  The flowers are blooming in my yard.  (Hopefully the overworked Landscaper will come on Saturday – someone who could not say TGIF because he still wanted to work on Saturday).  I may get to prepare my vegetable garden. 

Life is good!